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Bulbasaur - 77/132 - Common

Pokemon Singles DP03 - Secret Wonders Bulbasaur - 77/132 - Common


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Extra Info

Attack #1: 1 Shake Vine - The Defending Pok
Attack #2: 2 Bullet Seed (10x) Flip 4 coins. This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.
Attack #3:
Card Number: 77/132
Card Text:
Card Type: Grass
Edition: 1st, Unlimited
Finish: Regular
HP: 60
Illustrator: Kouki Saitou
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Name: Bulbasaur
Rarity: Common
Retreat Cost: 1
Set: Secret Wonders
Stage: Basic
Weakness: 1 +10


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