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1.) You can quickly find the cards you wish to sell by either Searching or through Browsing the Products & Cards section on the left to locate the cards you wish to sell; now just add them to your Sell Cart. (Make sure you are in Selling Mode!)
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3.) Follow the system prompts to complete the sell order.  Please make sure to package your cards in the same order they appear on your receipt.
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6.) You will be notified when your package arrives. You will then receive an email receipt confirming that all of your cards were NM/Mint. Any cards we receive that are less than NM/Mintwill be discounted by at least  25%.  Please do not send us cards that are less than NM/Mint unless you want to receive half of the price listed.
7.) You will receive payment promptly once we've received and processed your Buylist Order. 

Near mint/Mint (NM)- Cards in this condition show little to no wear from shuffling or general play. A card  in Near Mint/Mint condition is generally indistinguishable from other cards in an unsleeved deck of other top condition cards

Ligthly Played (LP)- Cards in this condition show clear but minor wear. Some examples  include mild border whitening, small corner wear due to shuffling, minor scratching, and/or loss of card sheen. A Lightly played card generally includes only 1 or 2 of these imperfections.

Moderately Played (MP)- Even more noticeable scratches with whitened edges. Whitening also on the back of the card.

Heavily Played (HP)- A card with noticeable creases or bent corners that can be seen on the back and possibly through a sleeve.

% payed
 Lightly played
 Moderately Played

We are currently only accepting NM/Mint and slightly played cards. English only.